Korean Slang

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Back in the summer of 2004, I knew I wanted to do TEFL but hadn’t decided between Korea and China. Japan was still in the mix too. I did some research and found Japan too expensive. I thought China would be too much of a cultural shock, especially for the first year. So here I am. If I had known earlier, I would done this to pick up some Korean before I got here to make some things easier:

Buy the whole Korean pack from Declan.
Buy Suvival Korean by the guy who does the Let’s Speak Korean show here on Arirang TV.

Spend alot of time on the Sogang University site.

See if there’s anything useful I can pick up from the Galbijim forums.

Go to the Mith’s Cyworld, click on 게시판, click Korean lessons / music and memorize some songs. Get into Cyworld! It’s kind of like Myspace for Korea.

Naver News TV is great too because often they provide a script of what is being reported… when you get to that level!

And get some real in person practice. And learn some slang to keep it fun.


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