Korean Slang

Are you proficient?

I took the most recent Korean Language Proficiency Test here in Seoul. Register with the site and login, you’ll be able to register online. Registration doesn’t start til March 4th for the April 27th test. I used the time leading up to the test as motivation for studying.

I also took the Basic KLPT back in 2006. I graded out at 90% and many of the questions were the same or similar to what had been in a study guide I got. Regardless, that was good motivation for studying too.

The KLPT I took had all new questions and a mean listening section. I felt lost for more than half the test but still graded out as intermediate. There was also an incredible amount of vocabulary that was used on the test. My test room was full of mostly Chinese, some Japanese, and me. I would definitely recommend it if you need motivation to study like I did, or want something nice to put on your resume about your test score.


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